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Our entire team comes from producing films.  With over 15 years of filmmaking experience, we’re able to capture the best cinematic and epic style shots from the air.  With aerial video technology, we bring your productions to new heights.



We’re able to lift a whole array of the latest cinematic cameras with our “Heavy Lifter” Octocopter multi rotors.  These cinematic cameras include Hollywood’s award winning Red Dragon/Epic, Canon C300/500, Sony FS700, Black Magic Cinema/Pocket, Canon or Nikon DSLRs and Panasonic’s GH2/GH3.


aerial_cinema_camerasCINEMATIC LENSES

Shooting cinematically requires the best cameras along with the proper prime lenses.  Shooting with longer focal length lenses, along with our piloting and gimbal operating skills, we capture professional footage ready for film. Having the best glass to capture your aerial imagery is critical so that we maintain clarity, detail, sharpness and rich color.



With over 7 years of RC flying experience, we have the ability to fly our multi rotors to capture the most epic and cinematic aerial video needed for films, commercials, industrial or corporate videos. From being filmmakers ourselves, working directly with the director or DP on set, puts us right at home so we’ll be able to communicate with your crew to be sure we capture the shots needed.