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VidMuze Aerial Cinema, LLC is a team of filmmakers who love the challenge and thrill of capturing cutting edge cinematic images through the use of drones and motion picture cameras for films, commercials, music videos, television and the web.

Our focus is not only on the technology and tools of flight, but on capturing high quality content that captivates your audience.



VidMuze Aerial Cinema bridges the worlds of cinematography and photography with the ground breaking perspectives that aerial platforms provide.

With our thousands of hours in flight, our constant desire to stay current with the latest technological advancements and our team's capabilities as filmmakers, VidMuze Aerial Cinema is your source to the most cutting edge aerial imagery on the east coast.small_octo_icon

Endless Possibilites

We're able to lift a whole array of cinematic cameras with our heavy lifting drones including:


  • • Red Weapon/Dragon/Epic/Scarlett 
  • • Canon C100/C300/500
  • • Sony FS7
  • • Ursa Mini
  • • Black Magic Cinema
  • • Canon, Nikon & Panasonic DSLRs

Ready to fly. Ready to Film.

We pilot Freefly System's latest aerial cinematography gear, the Alta. We only fly the best for our clients.

The ALTA transforms from the world's most capable drone, to the most portable, in minutes thanks to its folding props, folding swan neck booms, and Toad in the Hole quick release system. This allows us to have minimal setup times while on set.

Freefly's flight controller is where it's all at. The Freefly SYNAPSE combines high quality calibrated sensors with proprietary control algorithms to allow users to execute complex flight patterns with ease. This gives us the peace of mind when flying heavy cinematic cameras. By using the latest in GPS technology and fusing that data with Freefly's IMU and Barometer, the ALTA is able to hold position even in difficult weather conditions. This gives us the ability to execute complex flight paths with precision.



Here at VidMuze Aerial Cinema, we have specific flying requirements to ensure that our ships perform to fulfill the highest expectations in regards to both safety and quality of flight. All of our drones are fully built, customized and tested on a regular basis by the VidMuze Aerial team.

Accurate camera compositing is the number one priority in the aerial industry. Previewing a high definition image during our flights is key.  We also offer a second HD live feed for directors and clients to preview the footage during each flight.

With latest in batteries and charging technology, we can keep our batteries charged throughout the day so we can keep on flying.


Cinematography, videography and photography are more than just a trade, it is an art. VidMuze Aerial Cinema’s entire team is made up of professionals who understand this first and foremost. With our experience as cinematographers and filmmakers, we understand the importance of selecting the correct lenses, crafting the most dynamic movement for each shot and through collaboration with our clients, developing the most appropriate look and style of the footage we create.


Mike Gentilini, Jr.

Pilot & Cinematographer

Mike has been flying RC helicopters and RC fixed wing planes since he was a teenager. He began his journey into the film industry at an early age.  With camera operating being his largest passion, Mike started utilizing cameras and flight over three years ago.  With Mike’s filmmaking experience and his eye for cinematography, this keeps he and his team in sync which allows for them to capture the best cinematic shots.


James Suttles

Gimbal Operator & Cinematographer

A producer, director & cinematographer who constantly strives to explore & contribute to the art of story telling through motion pictures with an emphasis on strong visual content and unique story structure. Some of his recent projects included the feature films “shifting Gears” and “Alone Yet Not Alone” with recent clients including Harley Davidson, Simon and Schuster, Readers Digest, and Time, Inc.


Ryan Atkins

Safety Officer & Gimbal Operator

Ryan has been on the VidMuze team for several years now. From his experience in the filmmaking world as a cam op, running gimbal is second nature to him. When Ryan is not running gimbal, he keeps our team and bystanders safe during our multi rotor flights. Having a third set of professional and safety conscious eyes is vital to ensuring the safety of the crew and aerial equipment.




We're located in Asheville, North Carolina.  Land of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.


We're able to pack our aerial gear and travel anywhere in world.

Having the ability for endless possibilities is our main goal. 


VidMuze Aerial Cinema is covered by an industry leading insurance policy that covers any liabilities involving our aerial gear and property on location.

VidMuze Aerial Cinema keeps safety a top priority. With over 15 years of experience and thousands of flights, we have maintained a clean "no crashes" record.


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